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ITALIAN RECIPES: Risotto with Scallops, Citrus Fruits and Prosecco Wine

Risotto with Scallops, Citrus Fruits and Prosecco Wine is very delicate and tasty dish, embellished by the fresh acidulous aromas and the presence of noble molluscs. We all know the scallops, famous protagonists of the party tables in their gratinated version, probably the most loved by all. But today we see them in a risotto together with the excellent Prosecco Wine and at the first taste it is not possible to hold back “what a taste!”

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PROSECCO WINE: La Vigna di Sarah

There are so many scents here – of wine, good food, of a centuries old culture which is able to deeply define the landscapes and the soul of a territory which is amongst the most enchanting in Italy. It’s the Alta Marca trevigiana. A suggestive landscape made of steeps slopes and mild declivities, dominated by a never-ending reticulum of vineyards.

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CUCINA ITALIANA: The Ligurian Recipes – “Torta Cappuccina Genovese”

The cappuccina cake is a savory pie typical of Genoa, prepared with crazy dough, a filling of raw chard and Genoese quagliata. Called “turta de gee” in dialet, this rustic cake is prepared with a few simple ingredients but it is very tasty and also fast.

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When we talk about Pesto Sauce, there is no need for presentations, we know what we are dealing with. It is different when you want to prepare it at home because transforming the basil leaf and the other ingredients is a real art. To get a good pesto you need, in addition to the first quality ingredients, small tricks.

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ITALIAN WINE: The “Dolcetto”

The just completed 2019 Vinitaly offered an adequate showcase for the 12 denominations of this incredible excellence. It is perhaps the wine with the deepest roots in the hills of the Piedmont Region and its inhabitants. The “Dolcetto” is the wine of the daily meal, the wine that, with the Barbera, once the “Turinese” and the “Milanese” went to buy in good quantities combining quality and price without too much marketing.

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TRUFFLE: Taste Trips – Alba / Barbaresco / Alba

Departure from Alba, capital of the White Truffle and back. A relatively short route, less than 10 kilometers but that we will stretch slightly to visit also two other countries, Treiso and Neive, of the small area of origin of Barbaresco Docg.

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OLIVE WORKING: “Crush” the olives in the oil mill

A perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is obtained from the best processing before the “crushing” of the olives in the mill. Take for granted cleaning and hygiene of machines and environments, the extraction systems and the operations involved in the various phases will make a certain difference: temperature control, water quality, set up of centrifugal separators.

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TRUFFLE: Where to buy and how to choose truffles

That the truffle is the engine of a thriving economy, based on the sale of fresh and preserved products but also on what derives from them in terms of catering and tourism, is an indisputable reality, yet defining the contours is practically impossible .

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Transport and Storage of Olives after Harvesting

We have arrived at the last stages that precede work at the Frantoio. They are of fundamental importance: in transport, those who want to save the integrity of the product avoid bagging olives, preferring stackable containers that allow good air circulation.

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The olives harvest plays a very important role and must be carried out in the appropriate times and ways. The utmost attention must be paid to the maturity of the fruit, at the time of year, to the climate.

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