The world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is vast and complicated. It is a food very important within your daily diet. Its qualities are so many and precious, so you need to know how to “use” it, but above all, to KNOW what you are buying, the quality, the origin. As mentioned in the page Extra Virgin Olive Oil there are 2 types of production: “Varicultivar” and “Monocultivar”. Today I’ll tell you what “Varicultivar” means.

For production “Varicultivar” Extra Virgin Olive means an Oil that comes from pressing 100% ITALIAN  OLIVES of different species / varieties.

“Varicultivar” Extra Virgin Olive Oil can have a more harmonious and “round” taste, a flavor that is more suited to a less specific use, less “niche” than the taste of production “Monocultivar”.

Also “Varicultivar” Extra Virgin Olive Oil can have the denomination DOP because the relative production regulations allow percentages of olive oil of different varieties of olives.

You can find excellent “Varicultivar” Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the market, the important thing is that on the bottle label it is specified that has been used 100% Italian Olive for its production.

In summary, “Varicultivar” Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents an excellent choice of market and taste, the result of continuous research and development.


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