Have you ever wondered what thevines do Prosecco Wine in the winter months? Cultivators / producers rest for spring or are they busy in the vineyards? We’ll tell you below.

After the harvest, thevines Prosecco Wine finally rest after having given so much to produce the precious bunches of grapes. With the arrival of autumn the hills are covered in incredible colors. October is one of the best months to visit the areas of Prosecco Wine.

It does not last long, but with the first dew the leaves fall and the land is undressed. With the cold the vineyards hibernate, they rest, they will regain their strength with the arrival of the beautiful season, with spring.

All at rest? No! Winter for growers / producers is a very important season for the preparation of the vineyard at the arrival of summer. It is during this “rest” that the so-calledis carried out “dry pruning”, an important agronomic practice capable of favoring the correct recovery of the vegetative cycle, which is fundamental for the production of grape bunches.

Just in this period among the rows of vines you can see the numerous heaps of “lumber” (twigs) cut from the mother plants, the result of “dry pruning”. Too many buds would condition the birth of the precious grapes, so it is essential to reduce the presence of the branches and consequently of the buds.


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