He is the King. 2018 is the year of the White Truffle. It was a “season” particularly happy for the quantity and quality, particulars that have favored the reduction of prices. The “economic” world that revolves around the White Truffle ” is in turmoil, it hopes in the recognition UNESCO by 2019 for the art of “search “and” cavatura “. For the consumer they are all absolutely favorable news. A product so unique and particularly “tasty” can therefore be found at affordable prices.

With a 2018 so rich in favorable news, in 2019 you can find to buy the White Truffle and Black at really good prices. A good climatic season, has favored an abundant production above all qualitatively.

The White Truffle of Alba, after an unseasonable 2017 weather season, returns to being the king undisputedof the quality table. Abundance but above all quality, with a unique and inimitable scent that characterize it, can also be found at great prices. The market speaks of a starting point of about 2/3 Euro / gram.
The favorable climate, see the rains of July and August, of course have also favored the excellent Black Truffle, it is abundant harvest and excellent quality .

The world of the truffle is also moving torecognition UNESCO rate,  2019 could be a good year. The art of “seeking”, of “cavatura”, without forgetting that of tradition (the fantastic relationship between “trifulau” and his dog) are at the center of discussions to obtain this important international recognition.

Also for 2019 there will be the famous and “tasty” themed Fairs that have as protagonist the Truffle King. Surely theshould be remembered Alba International Truffle Fair, perhaps the most famous without forgetting the other scattered then for the Italian regions where theborn Truffle isboth white and black.


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