Amarone, a wine, of which the most refined enthusiasts of the world have learned to appreciate the unique accent, the strong character of ancient but modern and contemporary wine, able to witness the grandeur, the charm, the authentic magic of Valpolicella.

“Amarone della Valpolicella” is a wine with a deep red color, possibly tending to garnet with aging. The scent recalls the dried fruit, tobacco and spices, thanks to the noble molds created during the drying process. The flavor of great intensity with clear notes of dried fruit, dry but very soft, with full body, warm-corroborating and vigorous; he has a strong personality and can survive twenty years of conservation.

Produced with every chrism and patiently matured Amarone becomes an absolutely unique wine in the world and inimitable, with an intense and luminous color, intense aromas of cherry, currant, chocolate and spices, rich in substance, very structured, full. yet soft, elegant, perfectly balanced, with a pleasantness, a soft taste, a sweet expression, a length that they conquer from the first taste. Unlike the other great Italian aging reds, its round tannins. its juicy fruit allows you to appreciate it, although it is a wonderful wine for aging, even in youth.

Valpolicella: the territory

The territory of Valpolicella stretches for 240 sq km and is located in northern Italy, in the Veneto region, north-west of Verona. This territory, rich in culture and enogastronomy, is bordered: to the north by the Eastern Pre-Alps, to the south by the Adige river, to the west by the Valdadige and to the east by the city of Verona. The nearby Lake Garda is located 15 km further west.


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