Is  important to eat healthy, it benefits both your body and mind. This benefit then pours into your daily life helping you to give the best of yourself in all areas. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fundamental food. The “Taggiasca” olives “Monocultivar” production is the excellence of quality.

What do you mean by Monocultivar PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil production?

With Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP we mean an oil of protected origin that is that guarantees to the final consumer that the whole production process is realized in a single geographical area.

Olives and trees must belong to a specific territory and must be controlled from harvest to bottling: the entire production cycle is thus unique and can not be reproduced outside that specific area.

The DOP mark is an indication of the extreme quality of the oil, thus protecting the consumer as it enjoys protection and protection against counterfeits throughout the European Union.

To date, after 13 years from the birth of this particular denomination, there are 41 Italian extra virgin olive oils that enjoy this recognition.

Therefore referring to the above, here is explained the incredible quality of Taggiasco Monocultivar PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Taggiasco because the plants that produce the olives that are used to produce it, are in a defined and recognized territory.

Olives are the famous Taggiasche, synonymous with absolute quality and valuable.

The territory is located in Italy, Liguria Region and includes the Province of Imperia and a small part of the Province of Savona.

Taggiasco Monocultivar DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil of absolute qualitative niche. Color and taste represent excellence in this sector.


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