Truffle !! Do you prefer the white one, to be used raw and sliced thin, or black, usually cooked and grated? On the level of fame and quotations, there is no game. But on that of taste …

In Italy, the challenge between white truffle and black truffle is played between two famous towns: Alba, in the Piedmont Region and Norcia, in the Umbria Region.


Alba white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is harvested in the Langhe and in the Monferrato area starting from the second half of September. To savor the best, nothing better than attending the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, which will take place from October to November.

It is used raw and never cooked, cut into very thin “lamella” with the appropriate “tagliatartufi”. It is therefore perfect for excellent truffle tajarin, the typical Piedmont egg pasta sautéed in butter and with the final addition of truffle slices. Or for fried eggs with white truffles or in fondue, tartare and risotto: free space for imagination.

Truffle Tajarin


The collection of the precious black truffle from Norcia (Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini) starts instead in December. It is perfect for tagliatelle or strangozzi (sort of Umbrian spaghettoni without eggs, similar to the pici senesi) to the nursina, which provide for the addition of anchovy; or for the same tagliatelle or strangozzi with truffles, where the anchovy does not appear, as is usually done in the rest of Umbria.

Strangozzi with Black Truffle

Excellent both raw and cooked, usually grated and slightly heated in plenty of extra virgin olive oil, with salt and a clove of garlic. A very delicate operation: a minute of cooking too much and the taste of the truffle can leave. But the prized truffle is also perfect for fried eggs, risottos and for seasoning veal roasts. It is recognized by the black interior. Very similar is the winter black truffle of Norcia (Tuber Brumale Vittadini), which is recognized for its white veins inside. Its maturation takes place between January and March and is significantly less valuable.


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