Cappon Magro. The traditional recipe of one of the most ancient “dishes” of the Liguria Region tradition culinary.

Cappon Magro was the dish with which the noble Genoese families respected the precept of abstinence from meat, provided by the indications of the Catholic religion, being able however to enjoy a really tasty dish. From this its name: Cappon Magro, that is the capon of the lean days in opposition to the Cappone Grasso. And that is how it is now, on the tables prepared by the Genoese on Christmas Eve, that it will be easy to find Cappon Magro anticipating the true Cappone instead, traditionally, for the day of Christmas. The shape of this salad is reminiscent of the shape of the capon and is enhanced by the decorations with crustaceans and oysters that enhance the refinement of appearance and taste.

The “Cappone” fish

Cappone” is a name that refers to several species of fish in the Triglidae family, all characterized by a large head and wide blue-purple pectoral fins. These fins have freer and more mobile the outermost rays, which the goats use as their fingers resting on the sandy bottoms where they prefer to live. The head, as well as large, is also reinforced by thorns and bony plates.

Recipe (6 person) Ingredients:

600 g of fish (we recommend the capon, sea bream or dentex)

50 g of mosciamme (salted fillet and smoked tuna),

200 g of whitebait (in season),

6 scampi or prawns,

3 gallettos for sailor,

6 lobster medallions,

6 oysters,

150 g of green beans,

3 courgettes, salsify to taste,

3 carrots,

3 potatoes,

1 beetroot,

1 small cauliflower,

extra virgin olive oil,



For the sauce:

400 g of parsley, 100 g of pine nuts, 100 g of capers, 4 salted anchovies, 4 hard-boiled eggs, breadcrumbs, 15 green olives, 3 cloves of garlic, 50 cl of extra-virgin olive oil, half a glass of vinegar, salt


Boil the green beans, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, scorzonera and cauliflower separately. Bake beetroot or buy it already cooked. Cut the vegetables into slices and season with oil and salt. Boil fish and crustaceans. Rub the marinette biscuits with the garlic, break them and sprinkle with water and vinegar. Prepare the sauce to be abundant and homogeneous: pound the parsley with garlic and pine nuts, the previously washed and boned anchovies, the capers, the eggs (4 egg yolks and 2 egg whites), the breadcrumbs. Pass the mixture through a sieve and add, always stirring, the oil and a little vinegar. The rigorous and ancient preparation is performed in the mortar but, for a faster preparation, you can use the blender. On each of the individual dishes place the biscuits with a few tablespoons of sauce and alternate layers of vegetables and fish, also depending on the colors, interspersed with the sauce. The composition will have the shape of a truncated cone. Cover with slices of mosciamme and decorate the top with a shrimp or a scampi and the base with an oyster and a lobster medallion.

“Cappon Magro” wine recommended:


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