The White Truffle is the King of mushrooms. Mushrooms ?? Yes, because the truffle is the most prized of the mushroom “family”. It grows underground and lives together with the roots of plants, like all mushrooms.

The White Truffle is often compared to gold nuggets not so much for color as for the extreme value given to this mushroom in terms of cost per gram. But how much does the cost White Truffle? Eh! Good question!! It depends on a series of variables that “cross” each year between the months of October and December.

It is the Truffle Bag that decides weekly the price per gram of this precious mushroom. What and who decides the price? A set of variables that are the climate in absolute the most important “variable”, then the “size”, the “maturation”, the “color”, the regularity of the shape. The 2018 ‘was a terrific year for the White Truffle, abundance and quality’ have allowed a “drop” in prices compared with a sublime quality ‘.

The White Truffle collectionis the result of a perfect “symbiosis” between the man, called “tartufaio” and his dog. There is no particular breed, it is said that the “big guys” are the best. In the past they used pigs, which with their incredible smell could “feel” the presence ofunder the ground truffles. The problem was that the pigs are very tasty and very often after having “discovered” them, if they ate them !!

A market whose demand is enormous in the face of a not always abundance combined with the “preciousness” of the product, inevitably lead to the formation of “forgers”. Recognizing an White Truffle authentic from a fake, for those who are not a professional in the industry, is not easy. But there is a “simple” system but it seems very effective.

Place the White Truffle on a plate and close it in a room with closed doors and windows. Leave it inside for 10 minutes. If when you enter the room is totally inebriated by the unmistakable scent, that is an authentic White Truffle !!


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