In Italy there are 20 Regions. In almost all the are cultivated Olives from which precious fruit,Olive, is obtained one of the best quality food products in the world: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian quality. There is a region in particular where the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is superior: the Liguria Region.

Liguria.The famous “terraces” where the olive trees live

Each Italian Region, in different measure and with its own modality, produve Olive. There are numerous varieties officially registered in the olive oil register, to which are added many local dialect synonyms. They are distributed almost everywhere, starting from the “cold zone”, which reflects the area of ​​Northern Italy.

Garda Lake.  Olive trees

To continue descending we arrive in the “temperate zone”, central Italy, with the olive groves of Tuscany.


This “map” is completed with the “hot zone” that incorporates the extreme crops of the regions of Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia.

Olive cultivations in Sicily

Beyond the climate-geographical distribution, every Extra Virgin Olive Oil finds its history, its character, its personality according to the cultivar, the microclimate, the soil, the agronomic practices, the extraction techniques adopted.

Liguria.The nets to collect the olives that are dropped by the olive trees

There is a Region, Liguria, where a Extra Virgin Olive Oil very high qualityis, both produced Varicultivar and above all Monocultivar.

The Queen!!!”Taggiasca” olive.

An itinerary through the Ligurian landscape can not ignore the presence of the olive tree, which climbs up the vertical of rugged hills and mountains clinging to tongues of earth dotted with kilometers of dry stone walls. Although present throughout the Region, it is cultivated mainly in the western Riviera, while a more limited production, attributable to the Tuscan typology, comes from the Riviera di Levante.

The most noble and characteristic variety, the taggiasca, dominates in the province of Imperia and is fairly present in that of Savona, limited to the Valle Merula.

Monocultivar “Taggiasca” production Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of low acidity, even when the olives are harvested when fully ripe, golden yellow (almost all other Extra Virgin presents a green color),in nature very delicate, aroma very light with strong components of dried fruit and pine nuts, qualities that make it the prince of sweet oils.

Monocultivar “Taggiasca” Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the incredible color!

There are those who claim that Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is less fat than others, we can rather speak of better detected fluidity, which gives the palate a feeling of greater fluency.


The maximum quality of the “Taggiasca” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the artisan processing of the Olive.

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