Enjoying wine is art and as such, even those who hold it, the glass, takes an extremely important part. The glass in which we pour the wine is at the same time a container and an exhibitor.

To perform these functions, it must be made of glass (or crystal and half crystal), ie a neutral body with respect to wine and its acid components. It must be transparent in order to allow a good evaluation of the color and clarity of the wine. Thickness and weight will be minimal: andmust be the edgethin above, which comes into contact with the lips.

It must be equipped with a thin and quite tall stem, to allow good maneuverability. It goes without saying, therefore, that the glass is taken by the foot that supports the stem and does not grab for the stomach, it is not a question of bon ton, but of functionality ‘to the tasting: the direct contact of the hands with the surface that contains wine risks altering its temperature.

Some tips:

  • The glass should be filled for ⅓ or slightly more than its capacity: this allows to stir the wine with rotary movements, to appreciate the odorous substances.
  • The glasses are washed with hot water, preferably using an odorless detergent.
  • They do not dry out, but allow themselves to drip suspended over the foot.
  • They are kept in a wardrobe upside down. Before use, if necessary, they should be rinsed and dried quickly due to agitation, then they should be drunk with the wine to be tasted.


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