A “gold” mine in the open, extended for a little more than 100 hectares. In this patch of land we grow unique vineyards in the world. From the processing of the “Glera” grape it is obtained the DOCG Superior Prosecco Wine: the Cartizze.

Italy, Veneto Region, Vicenza Province, Valdobbiadene Municipality. It is in this territory that the vineyards from which Cartizze is produced are located. A hill, sometimes very steep and steep, full of vineyards, in little more than 100 hectares.

Why only in little more than 100 hectares, in practice a hill? They are 4 properties that favor this incredible DOCG Superior Prosecco Wine

  • The sun

The Cartizze vineyards are 200 to 350 meters above sea level this means always perfect exposure to the sun’s rays which means a homogeneous maturation and a rich presence of sugars.

  • The wind

Moisture is a terrible and fatal enemy of grapes. The territory of Cartizze is excellently prepared for a breeze that eliminates the formation of humidity favoring the perfect development of the important leaf.

  • The earth

The composition of the soil, very clayey, the steepness of the “terraces” that welcome the vines, are among the main features that help a perfect water treatment, an ideal situation for the growth of the vines.

  • Temperature range

August-September are the months of the clusters of Glera grapes. During the night, the temperature favors cold air currents which confer aromatic properties to the grapes.

Compared to a normal Prosecco, it is usually more intense in color and more complex on the nose, with hints that go beyond the simple apple or pear typical of Prosecco. These peculiarities are certainly born from the land, emerging from the sea and resting on deep rocky layers. A substantial part of its characteristics in the glass are also due to the production methods, which may vary from the traditional Charmat, to the long Charmat or even, sometimes, to the actual classic method.


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