Stroscia di Pietrabruna, typical Ligurian dessert characterized by the taste of extra virgin olive oil from the province of Imperia. Dried sweet focaccia with an intense scent of lemon and aromatic herbs in vermouth.

Very unusual cake, we did not know it, but it immediately conquered us with its inebriating aroma of good Ligurian Taggiasco extra virgin olive oil.

As for the Mantovana sbrisolona, the stroscia should not be cut but broken with the hands; hence the name of the cake, in fact strosciare in ligurian dialect means to break, to break. This particularity makes it a very practical dessert to end a picnic in the open air.

Piertabruna stroscia ingredients:

Pietrabruna stroscia preparation:

In the bowl of the planetary mix the flour with baking powder and sugar.
Combine the vermouth, the oil and the grated rind of the lemon and work until they are completely incorporated.

Spread the dough, which will be very compact, in a 28 cm slightly greased cake tin with oil and crushing it with your fingertips.

Try to spread it not more than one centimeter high, otherwise it will tend to remain too soft inside, losing its characteristic crunchiness

Sprinkle the surface with plenty of sugar.
Bake at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes.

Remove the struff and let it cool before consuming it.


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