The corkscrew, born about three centuries ago together with the spread of the use of cork, has solicited inventors’ imagination: hundreds of models have been designed, from the simplest, a screw-type gimlet to be inserted into the cap, to the type butterfly, lever, double spiral, up to the most recent Screwpull.

Essential element for the functionality of the corkscrew is the spiral, also called “worm”: at least six to seven centimeters long, it must be wide enough, flat at the top and rounded in the lower part and have a non-cutting edge.

To avoid the types with manual traction that require excessive efforts with consequent agitation of the bottle and turbidity of the wine, as well as those, in vogue for a certain period, with hollow needle, which place between wine and the cap carbon dioxide.

The corkscrews with parallel blades, which are introduced between cork and bottle neck, are also difficult to use and they are extracted by the twist cap.

The most functional are undoubtedly the lever models, which are not usually used by many sommeliers. The mentioned Screwpull is also effective, conceived with a continuous spiral and a particularly long “worm” that passes the cap from side to side without damaging it: there are two versions, one economic and one more refined, which expels the cap after the extraction.

However, it may happen, especially with very old wines, that the cork is broken during the uncorking operation: it will then converge into the bottle and then extract it with the appropriate T-shaped tool.

Unlike the discussion for sparkling wines, sealed with mushroom caps, with the head coming out of the neck. In this case, after removing the cage, it will be necessary to move the cork with the appropriate pliers and then continue the operation with careful rotary movements, without shaking the bottle which will be kept tilted: at a certain point the pressure of the sparkling wine will tend to expel the cap violently.

It ‘s time to control the impetuosity, following the spill without letting it escape from the hands.


Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew

The rack opening of the Brucart corkscrew is the most clever and original uncorking system. It allows to extract the cork without effort. It is graded to control how deep is the perforation of the spiral. Instruction for use: Cut the foil with the knife, put the corkscrew on the cork and while making a slight pressure keep turning it until reaching a desired depth with the spiral. Finally pull out the handle and start the jack like movement.


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