The sea, the great love of the Ligurians, has allowed for centuries to have continuous exchanges with different civilizations, and this has also influenced the cultivation of the vine. The Ligurian viticulture is variegated and original, with vines like the Bosco, the Pigato, the Albarola, the Bianchetta and many others.

Sometimes the vine cuts corners to grow where it is difficult to believe that crops can develop. In the Cinque Terre, in fact, the vineyards are perched on steep slopes where the earth is torn from the rock by terraces built with difficulty, and it is true that the tenacity can more than adverse conditions. Going to the discovery of this region is fascinating especially for the beauty of the landscape, thanks to the combination of sea and mountain and the continuous presence of vines and olive trees, an integral part of the landscape and local culture.



The area of cultivation of this ancient variety begins in Val Polcevera, where it is known by the synonym bianchetta, and continues in the Riviera di Levante. In Levanto, on the other hand, it takes on the name of albarola, which maintains in the territory of Sarzana and throughout the Tuscan coast of the provinces of Pisa and Massa. In the Cinque Terre vineyards, where he contributes to the formation of Sciacchetra ‘passito, he finds the best way to express all his qualities, thanks above all to the ingenious cultivation method with which he is raised, that is the low pergola that exposes the grapes. in the sun of the Ligurian Sea.


The Bosco is one of the most well known vines of the Ligurian viticultural panorama. Its fame derives from the fact that it is the main component of the Sciacchetra ‘of the Cinque Terre, symbol of the heroic enology of the Eastern Riviera. The vine is present in various areas of Liguria. The greatest concentration is however from Genoa to the east, where in the evocative Cinque Terre area it is able to give the best results. The grapes are generally received around the end of September.


The two most famous white grape varieties of Liguria, Pigato and Vermentino, are in fact probably the same grape variety. Probably because after years of comparisons, research and differences of opinion, the scholars have not come to a certain conclusion. So it happens that many Ligurian farms cultivate the vines, obtaining two wines that originate two different denominations, while it could be the same species. The Pigato is present mainly in western Liguria. The harvest usually takes place in the last ten days of September.


The Vermentino is widespread throughout the Liguria region. Two types of Vermentino are distinguished: the one with a tight cluster and the scattered one, also called loose, the first is medium-large, the second is medium, generally cylindrical and elongated. The age of maturation is similar and usually takes place around the second or third decade of September.





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