The temperature of the wine has a decisive influence on the olfactory, gustatory and tactile sensations, for which a wine that is too hot or too cold is not judged.

Perfumes are perceived better at 18 degrees. At 10 degrees the sensitivity decreases, while a temperature of less than 4 degrees makes the papilla almost non-existent. The high temperature amplifies the sweet sensations, while at low temperature the bitter and salty taste and the sensation of astringency, due to the tannins, are accentuated. This is why tannic red wines do not want low temperatures. The heat enhances the aromas and the alcoholic component.

Some clarifications and some tips about the temperature to serve and taste the wines:

  • Attention to the concept of ambient temperature. It had value when, in the past, the salt rooms were very little heated and did not exceed 16-18 degrees. Today it does not make sense anymore when in our apartments the temperature in winter can rise to 20 degrees.
  • If you need to cool a white wine, the best system is to place the bottle in a bucket with water and ice, an appropriate system to cool a rosé and a red, if too hot. You can also use the fridge, but the times are longer. To avoid the freezer absolutely.
  • Refreshing does not mean to freeze. Be wary of certain indications, for example when they say “… serve iced …” which can also be found on some labels: frost is a good way to mask the defects or the lack of the contents of a bottle.
  • To heat, do not use a source of heat that would cause overheating of the bottle glass: a wine that has become too hot and irreparably compromised. The idea would be to place the bottle to drink for at least a day in a pantry on 14-16 degrees. In the absence you can resort to lukewarm water in which to soak the bottle for some time.
  • Consider the outside temperature: the hotter the more, the wine must be served fresh.
  • Consider that the wine, once it is poured into the glass, earns a couple of degrees in a few minutes.


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