Without the help of an animal “digger” it is almost impossible for man to get truffles. So always, the dogs, have been trained to recover the fungus, without swallowing or bite it but delivering it to the “conductor”.

Truffle dogs must be endowed with good physical endurance, a highly developed sense of smell and obedience towards the owner. Over time, the man has carefully selected the hunting breeds and has subsequently used them for the “collection” of truffles.

Among the most suitable dogs stand out “spinone”, “breton”, “pointer”. However, the “truffle quarrymen” are unlikely to be accompanied by pedigree dogs, they prefer to use non-pedigree dogs. The predilection for mongrel dogs seems to be justified by the fact that these dogs have more ‘sniff, more resistance.

The price of a five-year-old dog can also reach 8000-10000 euros. The “truffle quarryman” directly train their dog, carrying it around with another older dog and making him exercise in the search for pieces of truffle. Training begins very early, when the dog is still a puppy.

For each truffle found, the dog receives a reward, a simple piece of bread, to keep alive the conditioned reflex that every search corresponds to a mouthful of food.

Once the dog has pointed his nose and began to scrape, the owner moves the dog away and carefully digs with a special tool until you find the precious truffle.

Each truffle-man knows the points where truffles can develop and then directs his steps towards the trees. As all the mushrooms, the truffles reproduce by spores, once they have discovered the “mother” plant, they are sure that for years, in the same place and almost at the same time, they will always find themselves.


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