It may seem strange, but the psychophysical conditions of those who taste are very influential on the wine tasting. Emile Peynaud used to say:”The taster must be in shape, in good health and with a free mind“.

Therefore, serenity of mind, concentration, motivation and desire to taste, without colds and heartburn. The best experts have thought of everything, including a set of rules:

  • Keep the oral cavity clean.
  • Do not smoke before tasting, the moderate smoke in itself does not affect the gustatory sensitivities, but interferes with the aromas of the wine.
  • Do not use personal or cosmetic perfumes.
  • Rinse the mouth before starting to neutralize the palate. Between one wine and another you can, to eliminate the active organoleptic residues, eat a piece of bread or a breadstick.
  • Tasting preferably on an empty stomach, the ideal hours are those of late morning.
  • Limit the number of wines to be examined. After 20, 25 samples, fatigue makes judgment difficult.
  • Expel, using the appropriate container, after tasting the wine, while not ingesting, the amount of alcohol passes into the blood through the mucous membranes of the mouth.
  • Tasting in silence, without discussing with other tasters: the relationship with the wine, very personal, requires concentration and concentration, not to mention that the judgments of others could condition our own.
  • Keep fit: long periods of non-tasting make “lose your mouth”.

Like the “taster”, wine must also “be fit”

In the cellar the wine is not always in the ideal conditions to be tasted: now it is too cold, now it is in the second fermentation, now it is just fresh from some treatment. However, if you take a wine directly from the barrel, it is good to taste it immediately, to avoid the modifications caused by the air and therefore the oxygenation.

If bottled wine is to be tasted, it should be uncorked carefully, without jolts to avoid raising any deposit. The choice of the corkscrew is important and so are the operations to be done to uncork the bottle.


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