A famous Italian restaurateur answered the question this way: “In memories”. The precious Truffle should in fact be consumed immediately, just after the harvest so that it can be enjoyed in full of its aroma and its incredible taste. We actually buy the Truffle and cook it a few days later in the worst case scenario. Let’s see how to keep it.

Here are some tips for short-term storage, not later than a week:

  • It is necessary to keep the Truffles in the cold, even if the temperature is not too low, the ideal would be between 3 and 6 degrees, so as to slow down the degradation processes.
  • After wrapping them in a cloth or in several layers of paper, they must then be placed in the refrigerator: but on the completion of the package there are more schools of thought. Most experts suggest placing the package in a closed container, preferably glass, in order to isolate the Truffles from possible contamination and reduce the dissipation of the fragrances, while safeguarding the other foods in the refrigerator.
  • Some believe they can also recommend the vacuum technique, in which case the duration of preservation at an optimal state would increase from a week to a maximum of ten days.

For white Truffles there are no other systems, while for black Truffles, whose main destination is cooking, there is a few more possibilities.

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For example, after carefully cleaning and making sure they are completely dry, you can grate and mix with butter of excellent quality, melted in a bain-marie, then transferring the mixture into jars to be sealed tightly: you will get a paste that can be used on various occasions to quite a long time.

Instead, it is not advisable to keep it in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which would in any case have a short shelf life: the degradation of the Truffle slows down, but the governing liquid degenerates and the result can be a stiffening that compromises the use of both ingredients in cooking.

The habit, traditional in many Italian regions, of dipping the Truffle in a jar containing raw rice grains, whose dehydrating properties would excessively dry the tissues, was also rejected.

There is also an ancient French method that is used in the Provence region, which consists in placing the Truffles in dark terracotta glass jars, adding salt, the well-sealed containers are sterilized at 110 degrees for a couple of hours, they are made cool in woolen cloth and settle in the cellar. In Provence, they ensure that this system guarantees a very long preservation of black Truffles, it seems for years.

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As for cleaning, both white Truffles and black Truffles must be carefully freed, using a medium-hard toothbrush, a small brush and a damp cloth, from the dirt probably present above all in the interstices and in the convolutions of the peridium removed points that show traces of rot or insect attacks with a small knife.

The prized white Truffle, if necessary, can be washed before consumption with cold water, brushed and then left to rest for at least ten minutes. The black Truffle, once cleaned, just before being cooked can be passed in cold or warm running water and then dried very well.


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