Black Truffle is inserted in Italy in the gastronomic tradition of the central regions. The prized Black Truffle lends itself to cooking, because its flavor is better perceived in the presence of fat and after heating, but it can also be tasted raw, it is a versatile product, suitable for various culinary combinations.

Depending on the territorial reality, it is present from the appetizers to the second courses, in various forms, chopped with mushrooms and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on hot croutons, pounded in a mortar with oil and salt to form a tasty pasta seasoning, cut into slices and cooked together with roasted red or white meats, combined with other ingredients in fillings.

It is very appreciated especially in France, where it is grown intensely, with excellent results and has ample gastronomic visibility: it can be enjoyed chopped on boiled or few eggs, stacked on croutons or potatoes or vegetables such as carrots, artichokes, celery , or cooked in various preparations of French and international cuisine.

The White Truffle is consumed exclusively raw, reduced to thin lamellas with the appropriate tool, sprinkling dishes that are basically neutral, whose delicate flavor allows the Truffle to best express its full, intense and overwhelming composite aroma.

The buttered egg, the raw veal, the fondue, the Tajarin, and the white risotto are the most traditional Piedmontese recipes suitable for enhancing the qualities of “kitchen diamonds”.

The truffle is an ancient product, not old, faithful, not embalmed in the tradition, by gourmets, not by elitist circles. The measure of his ability to open up to the new is also given by the dishes that, with respect for his history and a slight fantasy, the chefs elaborate to satisfy the expectations of gourmets of each generation.


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