That the truffle is the engine of a thriving economy, based on the sale of fresh and preserved products but also on what derives from them in terms of catering and tourism, is an indisputable reality, yet defining the contours is practically impossible .

The difficulties begin already from the estimate of the production. The official data are constantly and greatly underestimated compared to those provided by the operators in the sector. From these deviations it can be deduced that the sale of the Truffles escapes the normal logic of the market, as it is understandable having as object a rare, seasonal product, strongly influenced by the weather, found by a large group of professional “seekers” and not, conferred to restaurants and private consumption by truffles themselves.

The Truffle has always been wrapped in an aura of mystery.

This mysterious halo extends from the harvest to the marketing but also to the consumption of truffles. The impression is of a market that is not too transparent, within which the prudent consumer will have to move cautiously, applying some simple precautions.

The first is to look for the fresh product, as well as obviously in the harvesting season, at the production sites and at retailers belonging to the same or at least connected to binder associations.

As for the preserved Truffles, there are not many companies operating in the sector and their reputation is in fact a guarantee.

A certain caution then requires the so-called truffle products: oil and butter, sauces and sauces, cheeses, pate ‘, flour and rice, tagliatelle, stuffed pasta and many others.

They are industrial products that, to compensate for the alteration of taste and aroma due to the different manufacturing processes, can be added with “the aroma of the Truffle”, a substance that has nothing to do with truffles, except the chemical equivalence with its main odorous component.

Of course, those who believe they cannot afford to buy a fresh truffle or grate on noodles ordered from the restaurant are happy to take home a souvenir bottle of truffle oil.

Also fundamental with these products, be sure to buy from trusted stores.


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