There are so many scents here – of wine, good food, of a centuries old culture which is able to deeply define the landscapes and the soul of a territory which is amongst the most enchanting in Italy. It’s the Alta Marca trevigiana. A suggestive landscape made of steeps slopes and mild declivities, dominated by a never-ending reticulum of vineyards.

The lands are alluvial and mainly gravelly, of medium structure and fair ferility. These are the same lands of other specialities such as Trevisan Radicchio. The climate in summer offers daily average temperatures of 28-30 degrees while the presence of the hills guarantees during the evening a temperature varation until 18 degrees. That’s why our Prosecco Wine have this pleasant acidity, fresh scents, elegants and fruity, an enjioyable and balanced structure.

Conversion to bio: a conscius decision and strongly motivated. The only option for the sustainability of the environment, for our health and for the quality of the finished product. Tradition and experimentation meet, in a journey of great responsibility.

La Vigna di Sarah wants to produce biological quality wines and support the production of the native ones. The biological method certainly requires much more workforce, but transforms the vineyard in a garden where the ecosystem works. Where it’s possible to walk in harmony with the nature. Through an ancient tradition and new technologies La Vigna di Sarah is going alone an arduous way, in which a hard work in vineyards and in cellar is required.

This is the organic way to grow the wines and make wines. A way for all the comunity, starting from people who lives in the around vineyards, to people who works with vines and to people who drinks our wines. It’s not a trend but a real and true philosophy of life. The intent is to bring back those places at their original condition which Mrs Sarah knows since her birth. But it’s also to let her children a future and to the future generation of wine makers an example to follow. To preserve nature and its wealth and abundance, to respect its phase is the only possible future in which La Vigna di Sarah trusts.

The excellent flavors of Sarah’s Vineyard:


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