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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: The form of Breeding of the Olive Tree Plant

The choice of the form of breeding of olive trees aims to give a functional skeletal structure to new plants, or, in the case of restructuring, to old plants, which undergo a substantial modernization.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Properties and Benefits.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a precious vegetable oil considered elixir of long life because it has important beneficial properties and at the same time befits both sweet and salty recipes.

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The Queen. This variety is one of the most renowned for the production of extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olives, because the fruit, despite its small size, is very tasty. It is cultivated in a limited territory in the Liguria Region.

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CUCINA ITALIANA – The Recipes: Trenette with cream of broad beans and tomatoes with thyme and olive.

One of the recipes of the Liguria Region among the most cooked. Taste delicious, delicate, enriched by the incredible taste that only Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil can confer.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is on the table ready to season our dishes adding a unique and inimitable taste, or in the kitchen you used it to prepare your favorite recipe. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the end of the production cycle that starts from its fundamental base: the Olive Tree.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Production Area – Liguria Region

In Italy there are 20 Regions. In almost all the are cultivated Olives from which precious fruit,Olive, is obtained one of the best quality food products in the world: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian quality. There is a region in particular where the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is superior: the Liguria Region.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Monocultivar production

Is  important to eat healthy, it benefits both your body and mind. This benefit then pours into your daily life helping you to give the best of yourself in all areas. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fundamental food. The “Taggiasca” olives “Monocultivar” production is the excellence of quality.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: “Varicultivar” production

The world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is vast and complicated. It is a food very important within your daily diet. Its qualities are so many and precious, so you need to know how to “use” it, but above all, to KNOW what you are buying, the quality, the origin. As mentioned in the page Extra Virgin Olive Oil there are 2 types of production: “Varicultivar” and “Monocultivar”. Today I’ll tell you what “Varicultivar” means.

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