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The White Truffle is the King of mushrooms. Mushrooms ?? Yes, because the truffle is the most prized of the mushroom “family”. It grows underground and lives together with the roots of plants, like all mushrooms.

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TRUFFLE: White or Black ?

Truffle !! Do you prefer the white one, to be used raw and sliced thin, or black, usually cooked and grated? On the level of fame and quotations, there is no game. But on that of taste …

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WHITE TRUFFLE: 2018 a great year. Excellent quality, excellent price.

He is the King. 2018 is the year of the White Truffle. It was a “season” particularly happy for the quantity and quality, particulars that have favored the reduction of prices. The “economic” world that revolves around the White Truffle ” is in turmoil, it hopes in the recognition UNESCO by 2019 for the art of “search “and” cavatura “. For the consumer they are all absolutely favorable news. A product so unique and particularly “tasty” can therefore be found at affordable prices.

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