Worts and wines are pure grape juice, they are not manipulated but respected and they mature naturally. In addition to organoleptic quality of tastes and scents, we garantee also the food quality: high digestibility, cleanliness and freshness. They are the most intact is possible to achieve with our knowledge and experience. Prosecco is a pure and sane food. The harvest of the grape, sane and at the right point of maturation, is done at the cooler hours to maintain the scents. The press is the most soft possible and the worst ferment at cool temperatures. The wines rest for a long time, without the men’s interference, in the respect of the nature’s times until they are ready for consumption. Pure wines such ours satisfy the palate resulting pleasant to drink, balanced and harmonious.

La Vigna di Sarah’s attention to sustainability in viticulture embraces the entire productive process, since the choise of the most suitable land to the one of the single vineyard. Environmental sustainability that the protracts with extreme care to every agronomic practice on the vineyards, in all the vinification and conservation stages, up to the sale of the wine to the taster. Dreaming the future…the prerequisites are all there for a future rich of biological fruits. Working well today means leaving an important endowment, give our children the possibility to live in an environment where the air is pure like in the past and where the vineyards express their territory through a wine that speaks. It means giving our own contribution to the world with a bit of positivism and trust.


  • GRAPPOLI di LUNA – Prosecco Superiore DOC

Grappoli di Luna is the only Prosecco made by a night harvest. Cluster night picking permits to study Moon influxes on final product. In fact, human has always been fascinated by Moon, assigning her for the role of influencer on Earth cycles, and he has always tried to understand her mechanisms and the meaning of their regularity in growing and falling. Moon influences tides, babie’s births, also nature in which she determines period of seeding and plants cutting. Grappoli di Luna Prosecco is incomparable and its nose reflect full Moon night aromas.

  • COLLE 170Prosecco Superiore DOC

This creamy sparklin wine featuring a very fine and persistent beading is straw yellow in colour with greenish tones, which highlight the features ofthe local grapes. Its delicate scent has elegant floral notes of wisteria and acacia, accompanied by fruity hints of green apple. It has a firm, mellow, smooth taste with the right effervescence that caresses your palate and enchances its fruity notes. Fresh, young, charming Colle 170 s.l.m. is a “millesimato” 2014 wine produced exclusively with grapes from the Glera vine of the Carpesica hills, in Vittorio Veneto, situated 170 metres above sea level. This is where the original name of this wine, the latest addition to the winery La Vigna di Sarah comes from.

  • BORGO LUNAProsecco Superiore DOC

Borgo Luna is an aromatic sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage. Its straw-yellow colour has some greenish hues. Its smell is mainly fruity, with notes of apple and pear which enchance its freshness. A smooth wine offered in Brut version to be tasted not only as an aperitif, but also with a meal. The grapes are totally handpicked during the month of September. 100% Glera. Hand harvested.


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