The Prosecco Wine world is vast and consistent. It is made up of two entities: the territory and the wine. Tradizione Italiana wants to tell you both the territory, with its history, culture and the countless relaxing experiences in which to use your precious free time, that the Prosecco Wine with its thousand shades.

You who live abroad, what do you drink? What is the quality of the Prosecco Wine you are drinking? Have you ever really tasted a quality Prosecco Wine?

Among the thousand nuances of Prosecco Wine one of the most important is that of wine quality. In addition to the most famous and emblazoned cellars, there are dozens of smaller ones that produce Prosecco Wine exceptional, a unique and true taste. This is what Tradizione Italiana wants to let you know.

Imagine a pyramid. At the top is Cartizze Prosecco Wine, also called Superior Prosecco. The production area is a small “handkerchief” of land, about 100 hectares, on the hills around the town of Valdobbiadene. The quality of the soil and the particular microclimate favor the exceptional nature of this Superior Prosecco.

From the top of the pyramid, where the dominates Cartizze Prosecco Wine, we go down and meet the DOCG Prosecco Wine and follow the DOC Prosecco Wine. Within this pyramid, dozens of small producers who expertly transform the precious bunches of Glera grapes into tasty Prosecco Wine.

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