Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Prosecco Wine, Truffle, are products that are born from their territories of excellence. These territories are to be discovered, offer experiences that must be experienced in the first person. Even “following” the products listed above you have the opportunity to carry out activities related to them in a “live” manner.

I’m talking about picking the olives, taking part in the harvest of Prosecco Wine, following the dog and “getting rid of the truffles”.

Those listed above are just some of the “live” experiences that Tradizione Italiana allows you to participate in. Or you can fly over the famous Langhe in “Hot air Ballon”, or with an eBike discover the vineyards of Prosecco Wine, or stroll among the centuries-old olive trees where the precious “taggiasca olive” comes from.

You really have lots of opportunities to “spend” your most important asset at best: your time.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience Days
  • Truffle and Langhe Experience Days
  • Prosecco Wine Experience Days

frequently publish updates on these incredible experiences. If you want to know more about what you are interested in, just send us a simple email to this address: info@tradizioneitaliana.it

It will be a great pleasure to help you discover more about the Experience Days.