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OLIVE WORKING: “Crush” the olives in the oil mill

A perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is obtained from the best processing before the “crushing” of the olives in the mill. Take for granted cleaning and hygiene of machines and environments, the extraction systems and the operations involved in the various phases will make a certain difference: temperature control, water quality, set up of centrifugal separators.

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The donut with Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a soft recipe with an enveloping taste, with an orange flavored dough that makes it even more fragrant and inviting. The Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter gives a perfect consistency and an irresistible softness to this sweet, even after a few days from the preparation.

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The Queen. This variety is one of the most renowned for the production of extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olives, because the fruit, despite its small size, is very tasty. It is cultivated in a limited territory in the Liguria Region.

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TRUFFLE: What is That?

Tasty, precious, rare, expensive. It is a food around which a whole market of words has been created, of money, almost transforming it into a legend that only reads it inside a menu. But the truffle, what is it?

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is on the table ready to season our dishes adding a unique and inimitable taste, or in the kitchen you used it to prepare your favorite recipe. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the end of the production cycle that starts from its fundamental base: the Olive Tree.

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CUCINA ITALIANA – The Recipes – Eggs with Butter and Truffle

The recipe eggs with butter and Truffle, is one of the easiest dishes to cook but is a real “MUST” for those who love to taste the truffle in all its delicacy.

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THE ITALIAN WINE: The Importance of the Glass

Enjoying wine is art and as such, even those who hold it, the glass, takes an extremely important part. The glass in which we pour the wine is at the same time a container and an exhibitor.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Production Area – Liguria Region

In Italy there are 20 Regions. In almost all the are cultivated Olives from which precious fruit,Olive, is obtained one of the best quality food products in the world: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian quality. There is a region in particular where the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is superior: the Liguria Region.

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The Black Truffle is less prized than the White Truffle King but it is certainly one of the most sought-after and tasted products on earth. For these reasons we find it used in many recipes, enjoyed in many dishes, an ingredient that gives flavor and fragrance.

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The White Truffle is the King of mushrooms. Mushrooms ?? Yes, because the truffle is the most prized of the mushroom “family”. It grows underground and lives together with the roots of plants, like all mushrooms.

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