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ITALIAN RECIPES: Risotto with Scallops, Citrus Fruits and Prosecco Wine

Risotto with Scallops, Citrus Fruits and Prosecco Wine is very delicate and tasty dish, embellished by the fresh acidulous aromas and the presence of noble molluscs. We all know the scallops, famous protagonists of the party tables in their gratinated version, probably the most loved by all. But today we see them in a risotto together with the excellent Prosecco Wine and at the first taste it is not possible to hold back “what a taste!”

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When we talk about Pesto Sauce, there is no need for presentations, we know what we are dealing with. It is different when you want to prepare it at home because transforming the basil leaf and the other ingredients is a real art. To get a good pesto you need, in addition to the first quality ingredients, small tricks.

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White TRUFFLE and Black TRUFFLE in the Kitchen and at the Table.

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The donut with Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a soft recipe with an enveloping taste, with an orange flavored dough that makes it even more fragrant and inviting. The Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter gives a perfect consistency and an irresistible softness to this sweet, even after a few days from the preparation.

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The biscuits with olive oil are biscuits made with a shortcrust pastry in which the butter is replaced by Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For this recipe it is advisable to use an Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a light and fruity taste to not weigh down the dough and to obtain a delicate taste. The biscuits in oil are crumbly and are excellent to soak in milk for breakfast.

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CUCINA ITALIANA: italian Recipes – Ligurian Focaccia

Soft and crunchy at the same time, simple but super delicious: the Ligurian focaccia with extra virgin olive oil is a regional specialty that has conquered the hearts of many lovers of gastronomy across the border.

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TRUFFLE: Territory, Climate, Trees.

The truffle is complicated, not simple. To be born requires special conditions that include the composition of the land, the climate, the trees. This precious tuber is born from the perfect union of these conditions.

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Properties and Benefits.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a precious vegetable oil considered elixir of long life because it has important beneficial properties and at the same time befits both sweet and salty recipes.

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CUCINA ITALIANA: The Italian Recipes – Stroscia di Pietrabruna, Liguria Region sweet typical with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Stroscia di Pietrabruna, typical Ligurian dessert characterized by the taste of extra virgin olive oil from the province of Imperia. Dried sweet focaccia with an intense scent of lemon and aromatic herbs in vermouth.

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The Queen. This variety is one of the most renowned for the production of extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olives, because the fruit, despite its small size, is very tasty. It is cultivated in a limited territory in the Liguria Region.

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