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PROSECCO WINE: La Vigna di Sarah

There are so many scents here – of wine, good food, of a centuries old culture which is able to deeply define the landscapes and the soul of a territory which is amongst the most enchanting in Italy. It’s the Alta Marca trevigiana. A suggestive landscape made of steeps slopes and mild declivities, dominated by a never-ending reticulum of vineyards.

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ITALIAN WINE: The “Dolcetto”

The just completed 2019 Vinitaly offered an adequate showcase for the 12 denominations of this incredible excellence. It is perhaps the wine with the deepest roots in the hills of the Piedmont Region and its inhabitants. The “Dolcetto” is the wine of the daily meal, the wine that, with the Barbera, once the “Turinese” and the “Milanese” went to buy in good quantities combining quality and price without too much marketing.

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Travel Among Italian Wines: LOMBARDIA Region Wines

Wine is just one of the many reasons of pride of this region. Grapes and territory go hand in hand in Lombardy for centuries. Noble and ancient populations such as the Etruscans and the Ligurians contributed to the development of Lombard viticulture, probably due to the introduction of terraces in Valtellina, which in fact are very reminiscent of those found in the Cinque Terre.

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In proposing a description of the wine / food relationship, so important in the history and practice of gastronomy, the “wine” element can be considered in three respects:

  • As a food itself.
  • As a raw material that contributes to the composition of food.
  • As a drink to combine with food.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The Importance of Wine Temperature

The temperature of the wine has a decisive influence on the olfactory, gustatory and tactile sensations, for which a wine that is too hot or too cold is not judged.

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CUCINA ITALIANA: italian Recipes – Ligurian Focaccia

Soft and crunchy at the same time, simple but super delicious: the Ligurian focaccia with extra virgin olive oil is a regional specialty that has conquered the hearts of many lovers of gastronomy across the border.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: LIGURIA Region Wines

The sea, the great love of the Ligurians, has allowed for centuries to have continuous exchanges with different civilizations, and this has also influenced the cultivation of the vine. The Ligurian viticulture is variegated and original, with vines like the Bosco, the Pigato, the Albarola, the Bianchetta and many others.

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Decanting is an operation that involves transferring a liquid, the wine, from a container, usually the bottle, to another, usually a carafe, holding the deposits in the first one.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The SICILIAN Region Wines

Sicily is a territory rich in history, art and culture, but also a region with deep and ancient wine traditions. The viticulture of Sicily, for many years aimed at obtaining cutting wines (high gradation and large quantities) has made remarkable progress in recent years, achieving remarkable results in the oenological field.

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THE ITALIAN WINE: The Importance of the Glass

Enjoying wine is art and as such, even those who hold it, the glass, takes an extremely important part. The glass in which we pour the wine is at the same time a container and an exhibitor.

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