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In proposing a description of the wine / food relationship, so important in the history and practice of gastronomy, the “wine” element can be considered in three respects:

  • As a food itself.
  • As a raw material that contributes to the composition of food.
  • As a drink to combine with food.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The Importance of Wine Temperature

The temperature of the wine has a decisive influence on the olfactory, gustatory and tactile sensations, for which a wine that is too hot or too cold is not judged.

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CUCINA ITALIANA: italian Recipes – Ligurian Focaccia

Soft and crunchy at the same time, simple but super delicious: the Ligurian focaccia with extra virgin olive oil is a regional specialty that has conquered the hearts of many lovers of gastronomy across the border.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: LIGURIA Region Wines

The sea, the great love of the Ligurians, has allowed for centuries to have continuous exchanges with different civilizations, and this has also influenced the cultivation of the vine. The Ligurian viticulture is variegated and original, with vines like the Bosco, the Pigato, the Albarola, the Bianchetta and many others.

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Decanting is an operation that involves transferring a liquid, the wine, from a container, usually the bottle, to another, usually a carafe, holding the deposits in the first one.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The SICILIAN Region Wines

Sicily is a territory rich in history, art and culture, but also a region with deep and ancient wine traditions. The viticulture of Sicily, for many years aimed at obtaining cutting wines (high gradation and large quantities) has made remarkable progress in recent years, achieving remarkable results in the oenological field.

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THE ITALIAN WINE: The Importance of the Glass

Enjoying wine is art and as such, even those who hold it, the glass, takes an extremely important part. The glass in which we pour the wine is at the same time a container and an exhibitor.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The VALLE D’AOSTA Region Wines

The Valle d’Aosta Region, protected in the North by cold currents and in the West by the wet currents of the Atlantic thanks to the presence of the Alps, benefits from a climate particularly suited for the cultivation of vines since Roman times. It is a production from a great variety of vines that can be grown in very different climatic situations, depending on the altitude of the vineyards, the slope and composition of the land, the brightness and the windiness.

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PROSECCO WINE – The Territory

Prosecco Wine, like all wines of maximum excellence, is produced in a restricted and exclusive territory. North-East Italy, in the regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia (excluding the provinces of Verona and Rovigo).

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ITALIAN WINE: what it means to taste a wine

Tasting an Italian Wine means trying to understand why a wine we like or do not like, it means to describe in a complete way the feelings of pleasure or disgust, of enthusiasm or disappointment, of familiarity ‘or amazement that we feel when we drink.

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