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The Romans had already discovered the properties of cork and used it to seal wine amphorae. The use of this material was then abandoned for a long time, until, with the refinement of the glass bottles, the first factories arose in Provence towards the end of the seventeenth century: in the same period the legendary Don Perignon found the material in it ideal for capping your Champagne.

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TASTE the WINE: Be In Health

It may seem strange, but the psychophysical conditions of those who taste are very influential on the wine tasting. Emile Peynaud used to say:”The taster must be in shape, in good health and with a free mind“.

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A personal wine-cellar can be a precious reserve of wines with which to make their own experiences as a taster. Some might argue that a winery in the house is not ‘essential, considering that the wines can be purchased from time to time when needed. Of course, but there is some contraindication.

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ITALIAN WINES: Do You Know Everything About the Corkscrew?

The corkscrew, born about three centuries ago together with the spread of the use of cork, has solicited inventors’ imagination: hundreds of models have been designed, from the simplest, a screw-type gimlet to be inserted into the cap, to the type butterfly, lever, double spiral, up to the most recent Screwpull.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: PIEDMONT Region Wines

“At the foot of the mountains”this means Piedmont and this is precisely how the Region presents itself. But the mountains are just one aspect. Piedmont offers many scenarios to its visitors: vineyards, rivers, lakes, modern cities, medieval villages, ancient castles. It is here that some of the finest wines are born, not only in Italy but also in the world.

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Decanting is an operation that involves transferring a liquid, the wine, from a container, usually the bottle, to another, usually a carafe, holding the deposits in the first one.

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Travel Among Italian Wine: The SICILIAN Region Wines

Sicily is a territory rich in history, art and culture, but also a region with deep and ancient wine traditions. The viticulture of Sicily, for many years aimed at obtaining cutting wines (high gradation and large quantities) has made remarkable progress in recent years, achieving remarkable results in the oenological field.

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THE ITALIAN WINE: The Importance of the Glass

Enjoying wine is art and as such, even those who hold it, the glass, takes an extremely important part. The glass in which we pour the wine is at the same time a container and an exhibitor.

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