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White TRUFFLE and Black TRUFFLE in the Kitchen and at the Table.

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A famous Italian restaurateur answered the question this way: “In memories”. The precious Truffle should in fact be consumed immediately, just after the harvest so that it can be enjoyed in full of its aroma and its incredible taste. We actually buy the Truffle and cook it a few days later in the worst case scenario. Let’s see how to keep it.

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TRUFFLE: Truffle Dogs

Without the help of an animal “digger” it is almost impossible for man to get truffles. So always, the dogs, have been trained to recover the fungus, without swallowing or bite it but delivering it to the “conductor”.

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TRUFFLE: Territory, Climate, Trees.

The truffle is complicated, not simple. To be born requires special conditions that include the composition of the land, the climate, the trees. This precious tuber is born from the perfect union of these conditions.

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TRUFFLE: The main species

In the world, the mushroom species currently classified as Tuber are about sixty, 25 of which are present in Italy. Only nine, however, are considered edible and are the most commonly traded.

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TRUFFLE: What is That?

Tasty, precious, rare, expensive. It is a food around which a whole market of words has been created, of money, almost transforming it into a legend that only reads it inside a menu. But the truffle, what is it?

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CUCINA ITALIANA – The Recipes – Eggs with Butter and Truffle

The recipe eggs with butter and Truffle, is one of the easiest dishes to cook but is a real “MUST” for those who love to taste the truffle in all its delicacy.

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CUCINA ITALIANA – The Italian Recipe: Green Lasagne with Truffle

The lasagna like at all! In this recipe the lasagna is green and the combination is with potatoes and truffles. Greedy and refined, the lasagna has the advantage of being prepared in advance and heated in the oven just before the arrival of your guests.

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The White Truffle is the King of mushrooms. Mushrooms ?? Yes, because the truffle is the most prized of the mushroom “family”. It grows underground and lives together with the roots of plants, like all mushrooms.

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